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We are an engineering company with a clear approach: optimize your electricity consumption.

Our main objective is to help you on the transition to the renewable energy, while strengthening your brand’s commitment to the environment.

We work to offer you efficient and personalized solutions that promote sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint.

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Why choose Atrae?

Personalized management

Personal Experience

Integral services

Innovative solutions

Design and construction of photovoltaic installations

The self-consumption facilities are a fundamental investment for both companies and homes. At Atrae, we are specialists in carrying out exhaustive studies to find the optimal solution.

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Lightweight and flexible photovoltaic panels

At Atrae, we promote and distribute the most innovative and powerful photovoltaic solar panel on the market. An innovative solution for situations and surfaces that present difficulties for installations of conventional solar panels.

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Exploitation and investments in renewable energies

Our team is dedicated to study and develop projects of photovoltaic parks, collaborating with a portfolio of investors, landowners and specialized companies in the design, supply, and construction of renewable power plants.

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Engineering projects and energy efficiency certificates

At Atrae, we are expert engineers in projects, both in the field of renewables, as well as other sectors.

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Management of aid and subsidies

Our team stays constantly informed and up to date of state and regional aid and subsidies. More than 5MM€ processed in the last 2 years.

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Energy Consulting
(RI 10-B-A00-4609571)

With more than 400 clients in all Spain, we are specialist in carrying out studies and energy audits in key areas such as lighting, air conditioning and home automation.

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Team Atrae

At Atrae, we are a multidisciplinary team of professionals who feed each other to get the best of each.